Cast Craft has years of experience assembling customer projects. We procure all components, fabricate and machine as per the project requirements. We are equipped with a fully integrated assembly shop where in the products undergo a state of the art pneumatic and hydraulic tests. The flushing facilities involved are as per NAS.

  • Single acting spring return pneumatic actuator with hydraulic snubber/dampener
  • Hydraulic actuator
  • Double acting pneumatic actuator with hydraulic snubber/dampener

Cast Craft provides actuation for valves used in the oil and gas, pulp and paper, chemical, processing and energy related industries. We provide maximum value to the end users. These are customised as per customer's requirement with simple to smart positioners.

Hydraulic hand pumps - These hand pumps serve as a manual over ride in case of a pneumatic failure or any other bottle neck in the line.

Air reservoirs - For additional air supply requirements for ultra fast opening or closing of the valves.

Hydraulic dampening blocks - damping products for hydraulic cushioning/dampening